Bridal shoes

Weddings are about love, commitment, celebration, friends, family, and taking the time to be grateful and present on a day. But they're also about FASHION! I personally bought 2 pairs of fancy heels for my wedding (and hadn't bought any in the 4 years before or 2 years since).
It's so much fun to see how a bride's personality and taste comes through in her attire choices, and to be reminded how many choices there are! Gone are the days of white satin shoes being the only acceptable option, and thank goodness for it. So here's a little medley of the shoe stunners from my 2017 wedding season. 

Eric & Matt

Weddings are delightful but they can also be stressful- so many moving parts, high expectations, months of planning wrapped up into a single day experience. Sometimes this can be seen on the fringes of peoples' expressions and behavior. And sometimes, like at Eric & Matt's wedding, it's absolutely nowhere to be found. From the moment we walked in the door to greet the grooms, their families and wedding party, they were all smiles and cheer. They immediately welcomed us into the fold of their calm but excited pre-wedding bustle and I knew right away that it was going to be a fantastic shoot.

Eric and Matt organized and executed a beautiful day, reflective of their thoughtful natures and great taste. The adjoining spaces of Clos La Chance's property meant that people were treated to one beautiful area after another (vineyard views to an olive grove to the bistro-lit patio...completely lovely). Against these backdrops, guests shed happy tears, shared big group hugs, raised glasses of wine to heartfelt toasts and danced their hearts out. You could tell how excited Eric and Matt's families were to have these new sons and brothers-in-law and how thrilled everyone was to celebrate the union of these two men who they clearly loved so much. 

Wedding Venue: Clos La Chance Winery / Coordinator: Kristin Murphy / Grooms' Suits: Suit Supply / Grooms' Rings: Joe Escobar DiamondsCaterer: Cellar Door Catering / CakeSugar Butter Flour / Florist: Dig Gardens / Bouquets and boutineers: The Flower Cottage of Morgan Hill / DJ: Andy Acker of Sound in Motion / Second Photographer: Noah Christman

Jen & Mark

One of the amazing things about photographing weddings is that for one day, you're wholeheartedly invited into a couple and family's lives. You're there to see and record the big emotions and small gestures. You're there to help people remember a standout day. It's touching and if you're lucky, also really fun. And this wedding was a blast.

This past weekend, I happily stayed put in my city for the 4th of July holiday to shoot Jen and Mark's Presidio wedding. They are kind, hilarious people and the parents of three sweet children (seriously, after a whole day of being photographed and asked to come in and out of shots, these kids were still all smiles. They were the best.) The ceremony was humorous and heartfelt and as a recent newlywed, I found myself wanting to take notes on the gems of advice and reflection provided by their officiant. It was a day focused on love, commitment, blending families, enjoying the people in one's life, and delicious Mexican food. A great day to document.

Getting Ready Location: Inn at the Presidio / Wedding Location: Arguello / Wedding Coordinator: Sheila Dizon of Event Solutions / Hair & Makeup: Lynn Lee / Band: Golden Gate Jazz Trio / Photobooth: Photomatica / Cake: Susie Cakes

Michelle & Eric

East Coast celebrations at the start of summer- there are few things better. So I'm grateful to have had the chance to shoot Michelle and Eric's gorgeous wedding a few weeks ago back in my home state of New Jersey!

It was held at the calm, beautiful Waterloo Village, with historical touches that punctuated every aspect of the day. M&E clearly put love and thought into many details, including handwritten notes transferred onto the bottom of her shoes, his NJ Devils socks, and the floral arrangements made by her kindergarten students! It was an honor to shoot such a sweet, happy day!

Crystal & Katie

These brides. These brides are the kind of people, with the kind of huge smiles and magnetic chemistry, who you want to be around on an average Saturday. So you can imagine just how much fun and love-filled their wedding day was.

There may have been some rain, and it may have affected the layout and flow of their event, but honestly I think that little detail will fade into the background with time (and that's largely due to the kick-ass planners and staff who turned the room like pros). What will surely last is the thought and effort put into their handmade details, the big laughter and happy tears from friends and family and the pure joy that ran through the day. It was an honor to witness and record it.

Below is a little preview from the many shots taken from the day. I was lucky to have my right-hand man (and soon-to-be husband!) shooting with and supporting me, so there are a few thousand to edit through. Whew!

Wedding Planners: Ah Ha Events / Wedding Venue: Benicia Historical Museum / Getting Ready Location: Shorelight Inn / DJ: Matt Haze / Second Photographer: Noah Christman

All photographs © Kara Brodgesell