Ximena & Isaac

City Hall weddings are such a unique part of shooting in San Francisco. The gorgeous Beaux-Arts style building inevitably wows out-of-town family members and is a source of pride for its city's residents. And when you have a less scripted type of wedding celebration in an equal-opportunity building, people's personalities shine through in their attire choices. I've seen huge ball gowns and tuxes, monotone ensembles, sleek tailored looks and on this amazing couple- a white jumpsuit and triple-patterned suit!!! The best.

Ximena and Isaac really upped the daytime wedding game with a morning shoot with their sweet pup at Corona Heights Park. One of my favorite parks for its neighborhoody vibe and expansive views, it started the day on such a glorious and relaxed note. It was a joy to pop into this couple's life for a few hours and to see the ways that they supported and complemented each other. With visiting family beside them to witness such a happy occasion, it was clearly a celebration of love and partnership. (And it made me really look forward to photographing their larger party in a few months!)